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Fly Supply featured on Sways Universe

Posted on August 15 2019

The Streetwear Spotlight: 5 Streetwear Brands to Know This Fall

The most influential brands we know are always influenced by the culture, mostly hip hop culture. Can you name one brand that hasn’t been culturally influenced? The colors, prints, fabric, and feeling the clothing gives you are all influenced by the trendsetters of the music industry. From the hottest rappers to media moguls. Here are 5 streetwear brands that you will want to know this fall.


Fly Supply Clothing

Fly Supply exemplifies freedom of expression and creativity through its streetwear collection by encouraging the mindset of a hustler and entrepreneur in its pieces.

You can see the bold catchy statements, “Supply and Demand”, “ Trying to have a Threesome with Money & Success, “Hustler”, and “Everybody Eats When the Vision is the Same Amongst the Team”, all on the brands gear to encourage the idea that being an entrepreneur and being fly is definitely a possibility.

The streetwear brand also encourages wealth, financial literacy, and teamwork through its collection of streetwear statement pieces that vary from statement hoodies, t-shirts, swimsuits, and more. The brands’ statement works hand in hand with the new rise of entrepreneurship in the culture and is definitely is an eye-catcher. Anyone who sees this collection won’t want to leave Fly Supply Co without grabbing a dope piece to rock.

Streetwear is all about keeping up with the latest hip hop and culture trends, and how could Fly Supply Co leave out the idea of representing your highest self when living a lifestyle that encourages being fly, all while stacking up and achieving success. You can see the idea of representing one’s highest self, in its statement “God Looks Like Me” women’s swimwear pieces. Who wouldn’t want to represent their “God Self” every day without these pieces?


You can find some of the hottest celebrities in their gear. These statement pieces definitely can’t go out of style when you’re promoting a lifestyle where you can be fly, all while achieving wealth and success and loving what you do at the same time.

You can check out Fly Supply Co at or visit their Miami Showroom, Airplane Mode to pick up your pieces.


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